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Catch us at the following events that KAZE will be participating. Do drop down to view our technology in action and learn how to move your business smarter. We are still planning for 2020. In the meantime, check out our recent events - METALEX 2019 and Home Team Festival 2019. If you are interested for a demonstration and further explanation, do drop us an email at [email protected]. See you there. Updated as of: 8 March 2020
KAZE on Channel 8 News
As featured on:
  1. Channel 8 News (3rd March 2020)
  2. Channel 8 Hello Singapore (4th March 2020)


We were on Mediacorp Channel 8 for two consecutive days as CEO Derrick and our Project Manager Joseph Yap were interviewed regarding the new schemes to boost the employment prospects of mid-career workers. Joseph shared his experience undergoing Robotics Automation Centre of Excellence (RACE) Academy Attach-and-Train Programme for R&A. He has added a wealth of experience to the team as we aim to enable Industry 4.0 with our Autonomous Mobile Robots.  Our CEO Derrick Yap added to the discussion with Minister Josephine Teo on the new schemes to boost the employment prospects of mid-career Singaporean workers in their 40s and 50s. Derrick emphasised on making the best out of the current economic climate to regroup, upskill and upgrade employees so as to hit the ground running and capturing the opportunity when it arises.  Watch the videos above for more.
KAZE X Accenture Innovation Centre
We had the pleasure of collaborating with Accenture Innovation Hub for their showcase of Robotics and Automation solutions to help industries automate and streamline human-robot interactions. Our KAZE Autonomous Mobile Robot GR200 and RACE -incubated Barista Robot along with the other technologies sparks one imagination of the limitless possibilities of Industry 4.0. As shared by our Business Development Manager, "Use cases of automation are plentiful, but it’s about finding the right applications to address the proper pain points. While you certainly may not need a robotic arm to help you brew a cup of coffee, the idea is to show that collaborative robotic arms has the ability to mimic human arm movements, which opens the door to many other applications where deployment of such technology increases productivity and reduce labour costs. Had a blast learning about other human-machine interaction tools and platform." Contact us at [email protected] to move materials smarter. Do check us out our range of robotics solutions for Industry 4.0 and follow our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for latest updates. Watch the highlights of the event here.
KAZE CEO Derrick Yap on the cover of The Peak Magazine
As featured on:
  1. The Peak
  A rip-roaring start to 2020 sees PBA and KAZE as the cover story in The Peak magazine’s January issue. Read an in-depth interview with PBA Group CEO, Derrick Yap, as the featured personality profile. From the early days to becoming (in the words of the editor) “South-east Asia’s premier enabler of robotics”, The Peak chronicles our transformation journey under his stewardship, and how we came to the forefront of Robotics Tech. This movement will soon to be signified by our new headquarters in 2021 - an exciting, 280,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility.
Read More in the link above.
KAZE on The Straits Times: Home Team Festival 2019
As featured on:
  1. The Straits Times
  We’re thrilled to support Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at this year’s Home Team Festival 2019 held at Singapore Expo Hall 3 from 22-24 November 2019. iSMART, a showcase of the Automated document storage and delivery robotics solution, featuring KAZE’s GoldenRetriever Series Autonomous Mobile Robot. Document collection will be much easier in the future as the automated process will shorten the collection timing to no more than 2 minutes. Thank you to those who dropped by to learn more about the solution as well as other solutions by Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore to keep Singapore safe and secure. Check out the video here We had earlier supported ICA during their Annual Workplan Seminar. Read more here.  
KAZE Autonomous Mobile Robots @ METALEX 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

Our AMRs were in action at METALEX 2019 that was held in Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC) from 20-23 November. It represented another win for us as we enable Smart and Flexible Automated Material Handling solutions for businesses in Thailand together with Frasers Property Thailand!   Fresh from ITAP, the GR-500DLR was showcasing its ability to navigate narrow aisles using LiDAR to automate material handling in production floors. The GR-200DLR and GR-20CP completed missions of delivering totes from point-to point, to bring the inventory to the employee.  
The GR-1500SRC displayed its ability to autonomously transport heavy loads from production floors to warehouses by tranporting pallets of bottled water for our visitors. The Smart Roller Conveyor traveled up and down the magnetic tape to transport items between conveyors to the AS/RS. PBART Deputy General Manager, U-gene Chan, also spoke at AI Forum at METALEX 2019 titled "Transporting Items with Ease with PBA’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)". During which, he shared how robotics and automation can help manufacturers gain an edge.
For more videos, you may check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages
KAZE @ Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2019, Singapore


We were at Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) 2019 - a Hannover Messe Event, held in Singapore Expo from 22-24 October 2019. It was our biggest event we have participated thus far, with a total of 6 AMRs on display with the GR-100, GR-1500SRC and GR-1500UPS making its first public appearance during a trade exhibition. The GR-200DLR and GR-500DLR was showcasing how it can automate production floors and its ability to navigate narrow aisles and perform dynamic navigation, switching to and fro LiDAR and QR code navigation. The GR-1500SRC and GR-1500UPS also displayed its ability to autonomously transport heavy loads from production floors to warehouses. The Smart Roller Conveyor traveled up and down the magnetic tape to transport items between conveyors to the AS/RS. We were also featured on Channel News Asia. Check out the page here. For those who missed us, check out our upcoming events and like our FB page to be updated. PS: We will also be at Home Team Festival 2019, happening 22-24 November 2019 at Singapore Expo Halls 2 & 3
KAZE on Channel News Asia: Smart Industry Readiness Index
As featured on:
  1. Channel News Asia
  Our AMRs, GR-200DLR and GR-500DLR was featured on CNA, showcasing its obstacle avoidance technology and reporter Cheryl Goh, shared on how our AMRs are automating businesses' material handling needs. This was taken at our booth during Industrial Transformation - Asia Pacific 2019 (a Hannover Messe Event). CEO Derrick was interviewed and shared his thoughts on Smart Industry Readiness Index, the Economic Development Board (EDB) report on the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. Check out the video on the link above.
KAZE X Menam Mechanika MoU signing
PBA Robotics (Thailand) partners with Menam Mechanika บริษัท แม่น้ำเมคคานิกา จำกัด to provide turnkey solutions for Warehouse Automation. Menam Mechanika is one of Thailand’s most established local players and we are excited to work with them to enable Robotics and Automation in the region. Together with Frasers Property Thailand (FPT), formerly known as TIKON, and our new partner, we hope to reach out to more businesses and implement smarter and flexible material handling solutions. For more information, drop us an email at [email protected] View more photos here.