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KAZE on The Straits Times: Automated Document Delivery and Storage

As featured on:

  1. The Straits Times
  2. Channel News Asia


KAZE is proud to have developed the proof of concept for automated document delivery and storage robotics application to collect passports and Identification Cards (ICs)! The solution featured our GR-200DLR AMR working together with PBA-Hanwha HCR Series Cobot arm and was one of the highlights at Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Annual Workplan Seminar held at NUS University Cultural Centre on Friday, 10 May 2019.

The proof of concept, was developed in partnership with ST Engineering. The robotics system, iSMART, is designed to store and deliver the documents securely using robotics, and documents collection will become more convenient, hassle-free, and faster. The automated processes will shorten the duration for collecting each document to no more than 15 minutes, with plans being drawn up by ICA to create a 24-hour Integrated Services Centre.

Speaking at ICA’s Annual Workplan Seminar, Singapore’s Home Affairs and Law Minister K.Shanmugam said the centre will be located in a new 10-storey building adjacent to the existing ICA Building. By 2023, Singaporeans will be able to use self-service kiosks that use biometric technology instead of having to make appointments to meet an ICA Officer.