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Sunburst UV Bot

Sunburst UV Bots aims to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, virus and bacteria, while automating the laborious and intensive process of manually disinfecting public and enclosed spaces. Built with an ultraviolet-C light module, the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) emit powerful UV-C rays clinically proven to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.It performs disinfecting more effectively, replacing a job which would have been otherwise performed by manual labour, protecting frontline cleaning staff, as well as relieving the strain on labour resources.

The UV Disinfecting AMRs can be programmed to follow a specific route, stopping at key checkpoints to carry out disinfection; and the adaptive navigation would be fully autonomous once the area and pathways are mapped. With a small fleet of such robots, disinfection can be done through the night when commercial and retail places like malls are void of people.

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  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and virus
  • Easily manage to operate a fleet of mobile robots with a Fleet Management System
  • Programmable to follow a specific route and perform disinfection at key areas
  • Modular Deployment: Fleet of Automated Mobile Robots can be increased or decreased at any time
  • Reduction in labour costs: any demanding and repetitive tasks can be delegated to AMRs to allow employees to take on more value-adding work


  • Minimise dependence on human labour: Protect frontline cleaning staff, as well as relieving the strain on labour resources
  • Enhance existing processes without compromising human safety
  • Safe, reliable and eliminates human error.


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