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KAZE on Berita Harian: Upskilling for a meaningful career
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  1. Berita Harian
Age is not a barrier to upskill and seek a meaningful career in Robotics & Automation (R&A)!  At 53, Solman returned to the classroom to learn Robotics and Automation with RACE Robotics after seeing the importance of it in his previous employment. Halfway through the training, Singapore went into Circuit Breaker mode. Classes were held virtually and enjoying a cup of teh tarik with his classmates was no longer possible. Solman was then attached to our Sunburst Programme as a Field Application Engineer as part of the Attach-and-Train Programme, deploying the Autonomous Mobile Robots at retail malls and hospitals. He even had the chance to present the tech to Manpower Minister, Josephine Teo, during her recent learning journey. Check out his story, as Solman shares how he went to Go Make A Difference against Covid-19.
KAZE on Straits Times: Learning Journey by Manpower Minister Josephine Teo
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  1. The Straits Times
  2. Berita Harian
It was an honour to host Manpower Minister Josephine Teo for the learning journey and fireside chat with the RACE talents at PBA. The Minister even had the chance to learn how fast operators can learn to deploy the Sunburst UV Bots within the short period of time. PBA were especially proud of our education platform RACE Robotics for their work in building up the talent ecosystem in Singapore and training Robotics and Automation #talents that are breaking boundaries and ready to Go Make A Difference with a hands-on and holistic education.   In addition, as part of the #SGUnitedTraineeships Programme, PBA is proud to provide opportunities for fresh graduates to acquire valuable industry-relevant experience and Make A Difference. To find out more and apply, click here.
KAZE on ABC Good Morning America: UV-C light in fight against Covid-19
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  1. ABC News Good Morning America
UV lights has been used to disinfect for a number of years. Our UV-C light can exterminate 99.99% of virus and bacteria and protects users with built-in safety features. Autonomous Mobile Robots such, as the Sunburst UV bots, automates processes that’s "dangerous, dull and dirty". Suitable for use in many different facilities - retail malls, healthcare facilities, hotels, conference halls & many others, email us at [email protected] to find out more.
PBA Group Launches Humans of PBA Series
Superheroes come to the fore in times of need. As the world came to a standstill, our agile all-star-team at PBA worked harder than ever to develop solutions to combat the virus in double-quick time, and the world now knows of our battle weapon - the Sunburst UV Bot. Check out the stories of the remarkable people who calls PBA home #GoMakeADifference in our battle against COVID-19. The 4-part series will premiere on 10 June, with an episode every Wednesday, 8pm (SGT) on Facebook and YouTube. Join us to tune in - and don't forget to follow us on our pages for more exciting updates! Subscribe to their newly created YouTube Channel here to be the first to watch it Together, we will Go Make A Difference. Go MAD.