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Autonomous Mobile Robots
Custom (GR-200M/GR-500M)

The GoldenRetriever (GR) Manipulator Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Series is excellent in extending the utility and flexibility of a traditional robotic arm by providing a mobile base for it to autonomously serve multiple workstations. Combining the dexterity of a collaborative robot (cobot) arm with the mobility of the GR AMR, the Manipulator allows for multi-axis movement and can be of special use in tight places (0 turning radius).

The AMR systems are ideally suited to perform tasks such as precise retrieval of small, delicate material or heavy items by placing it onto the body of AMR as well as machine tending and is mainly used in production floors. Safe to work with and flexible in adoption, it is collaborative and operates to complement and help human operators within the same workspace. 

  • Arm Payload capacity 20kg 
  • Platform Payload 500kg 
  • Fleet Management System to operate a fleet of Vehicles 
  • Easily Scalable and adaptable 
  • Uses latest Navigation technology based on LIDAR and vision 
  • SECS/GEM Interface with MES 

  • Speeding up material flow in manufacturing plants.
  • 24/7 operation

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