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KAZE X Accenture Innovation Centre

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Accenture Innovation Hub for their showcase of Robotics and Automation solutions to help industries automate and streamline human-robot interactions. Our KAZE Autonomous Mobile Robot GR200 and RACE incubated Barista Robot along with the other technologies sparks one imagination of the limitless possibilities of Industry 4.0.

As shared by our Business Development Manager, “Use cases of automation are plentiful, but it’s about finding the right applications to address the proper pain points. While you certainly may not need a robotic arm to help you brew a cup of coffee, the idea is to show that collaborative robotic arms has the ability to mimic human arm movements, which opens the door to many other applications where deployment of such technology increases productivity and reduce labour costs. Had a blast learning about other human-machine interaction tools and platform.”

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Watch the highlights of the event here.