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Navigation Methods
QR code, LiDAR and Magnetic Tape - Applicable to all models

Customisable - All GoldenRetriever Autonomous Mobile Robots come with multiple options for machine navigation to fit your application. All units are equipped with machine vision to accurately transport materials. This allows our mobile robots to stop very accurately, within +/ 5 mm and +/ 1 degree, and simultaneously verify the correct delivery address.

Depending LiDAR or Magnetic Strip Navigation capabilities can also be added-on to these units. Our Dynamic Navigation allows us to switch between navigation systems for additional flexibility and maintain our accuracy at the same time. For most cases, the AMR will navigate freely with LiDAR and switches to the in-track camera to guide it during the final meter.

  • Equipped with an in-track camera for QR Code Navigation
  • LiDAR Navigation and Magnetic Strip Navigation can be added on
  • Accurate: Reach the destination with an accuracy of within +/ 5 mm and +/ 1 degree

  • Customisable to your requirements and budget
  • Cost-effective for business needs
  • Productivity is not compromised

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