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Autonomous Mobile Robots
Smart Roller Conveyor

GR Roller Conveyor Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) systems is excellent in increasing the utility and flexibility of conveyor systems by being a mobile conveyor to serve multiple fixed conveyors. Fixed conveyor lines limit the flexibility of redeployment especially during product changes (high mix low volume). However, the GR AMRs allow easy adaptability extending the useful life of the investment.

The Load Transfer AMR are ideally suited for transporting heavy and bulky pallets/items in warehouses, fulfilment and distribution centres. These AMRs provide optimum solutions for applications where space is at a premium, flexibility and scalability is a must and operational efficiency is imperative.

  • Payload capacity 1500kg
  • Fleet Management System to operate a fleet of vehicles
  • Easily Scalable and adaptable
  • Uses latest Navigation technology based on LIDAR and vision
  • Interacts with ERP/MES/WMS
  • Can be fitted with a roller or belt conveyor

  • Autonomous and robust system for material movement in production and storage¬†
  • Roller conveyors designed for rugged applications which involve impact loading
  • Provides you the best combination of traction, speed and durability
  • Essential for free-moving, safe and efficient transportation of materials¬†¬†
  • Enhance existing processes without compromising human safety
  • Minimise dependence on human labour

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