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KAZE Autonomous Mobile Robots @ METALEX 2019, Bangkok, Thailand


Our AMRs were in action at METALEX 2019 that was held in Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC) from 20-23 November. It represented another win for us as we enable Smart and Flexible Automated Material Handling solutions for businesses in Thailand together with Frasers Property Thailand!


Fresh from ITAP, the GR-500DLR was showcasing its ability to navigate narrow aisles using LiDAR to automate material handling in production floors. The GR-200DLR and GR-20CP completed missions of delivering totes from point-to point, to bring the inventory to the employee.


The GR-1500SRC displayed its ability to autonomously transport heavy loads from production floors to warehouses by tranporting pallets of bottled water for our visitors. The Smart Roller Conveyor traveled up and down the magnetic tape to transport items between conveyors to the AS/RS.

PBART Deputy General Manager, U-gene Chan, also spoke at AI Forum at METALEX 2019 titled “Transporting Items with Ease with PBA’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)”. During which, he shared how robotics and automation can help manufacturers gain an edge.


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