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Autonomous Mobile Robots
Deck Lifter
GR-200DLR, GR-500DLR & GR-1500DLR

The GoldenRetriever (GR) Deck Lift Rotator Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) system is an innovative Goods-to Person system, ideally suited for transporting items within production, warehouse, fulfilment and distribution centres. Deck Lift AMRs are compact and manoeuvrable and are ideal for point-to-point transportation.

The modular solution ensures bi-directional scalability to react to changing demand patterns and is adaptable for a wide range of applications. The AMR system can enable the autonomous scheduling of material movement according to production and storage demands. The AMR navigates via a grid to deliver mobile racks to workstations, carrying a shelf to the workers for picking instead, reducing the travel path for workers. These shelves are also safe, configurable and is reconfigurable to adapt to changing inventory profiles.

  • Lifts payload of up to 1.0 tonnes
  • Flexible: Can be used for a variety of applications: Material Transfer by tugging/lifting, assist Modular Manufacturing lines
  • Can adapt safely to dynamic work environments, and work safely around humans
  • Modular Deployment: Fleet of Automated Mobile Robots can be increased or decreased at any time
  • Reduction in labour costs: any demanding and repetitive tasks can be delegated to AMRs to allow employees to take on more value-adding work
  • Increased Accuracy and Productivity: AMR software enables a high level of accuracy and their work rate is consistent

  • Autonomously schedule material movement in production/storage
  • ¬†Minimise dependence on human labour
  • Enhance existing processes without compromising human safety
  • Customisable: Deck can be modified with a number of transfer devices: Lift platforms (e.g. deck, mast), Shuttle system, Tuggers, Conveyors

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