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Dynamic Navigation Guidance
Applicable for all models

A Unique Value Proposition of our AMRs is our Dynamic Navigation Control Technology. By combining two or more navigation methods, KAZE mobile robots provides enhanced performance in complex applications, obtaining highly accurate and repeatable positioning. This is key for success in demanding applications requiring precise results.

Combining QR code navigation with LIDAR and/or magnetic tape under real-time adaptive control profiles expands the range of applicable solutions and makes our AMRs very versatile. This capability of switching between QR and LiDAR navigation proved to be the winning formula when ambient light emitting from the floor at certain points interfered with the LiDAR sensors, rendering navigation almost impossible in these tricky areas. Our GoldenRetriever AMRs could switch between modes and fall back to QR code navigation as a fail-safe navigation mode, and therefore, navigate tricky areas with the help of QR code labels.


  • Dynamic Navigation: Seamlessly switch between navigation systems for additional flexibility without compromising accuracy.
  • Equipped with an in-track camera with LiDAR / Magnetic Strip Navigation add-on
  • Accurate: Reach the destination with an accuracy of within +/ 5 mm and +/ 1 degree

  • Adaptable to layout changes
  • Easy deployment and redeployment of Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Lower dependence on failure of LiDAR system with the QR map as a reference
  • Avoid single point of system failure with ability to manoeuvre around obstacles

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