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KAZE Sunburst UV Bot on Primetime TV: CNA, Ch 5, Suria, Vasantham

As featured on:

  1. Channel News Asia (CNA) Singapore Tonight (7 May 2020, 10pm)
  2. MediaCorp Channel 5 – News 5 (7 May 2020, 9pm)
  3. Suria Berita Mediacorp (7 May 2020, 8pm) – Robot pembasmi kuman bakal diguna di pusat beli-belah, sistem pengangkutan Singapura
  4. Vasantham Tamil Seithi (7 May 2020, 8.30pm)

Ready, Set, Disinfect! Check out the first made-in-Singapore UV Bots on Singapore primetime TV!

PBA – KAZE Sunburst UV Bot, an autonomous disinfecting robot, armed with UV lights will be rolled out at more malls and supermarkets in the the fight against the pandemic. It will disinfect areas six times faster than a human, disinfecting 15 square metres in 10 mins compared to an hour by hand.

The Autonomous Mobile Robots will be deployed at Frasers Property Retail’s shopping malls across Singapore. “This robots allow us to automate the sanitisation processes, reduce the reliance on human resources, the robots can also disinfect the malls after operating hours, improving our operational efficiency.” said Alvin Low, Vice President & Head of Operations, Frasers Property Retail.

Dr Ling Moi Lin, Director, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) also shared on the efficacy of UV-C against microorganisms and how the technology breaks off the DNA or the molecular material of these microorganisms. She also shared the concern of manual disinfection and her interest for autonomous robots like ours that can cover more areas effectively.

Suitable for use in many different facilities – retail malls, healthcare facilities, hotels, conference halls & many others, email us at to find out more. This is just the start, as we are still very much hard at work to launch a family of robots to combat the virus. Follow us on our social media pages to stay updated.