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KAZE: PBA Group commits masks for battle against COVID-19

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We are happy to announce that PBA Group, our parent company, is one of the first Singapore-based companies amongst Frasers Property and JustCo that have committed US$50,000 each in support of Razer’s plan to set up Singapore’s first fully automated mask production and packing line. We are proud to join this initiative alongside RazerFrasers Property Retail and JustCo to help the community in trying times like this.

Our commitment to contribute masks is just the beginning. As a tech enabler, the responsibility is on us to work doubly hard to innovate and use our tech to help the community through this. PBA group will continue, using our tech and resources to Make A Difference in this battle against COVID-19. We would like to rally everyone, anyone, who would like to join us in our shared purpose. Drop us an email to join the fight and follow us on our social media pages for more updates.

Please read the press release below for more information.

Razer™ today announced plans to setup, within 30 days, Singapore’s first fully automated mask production and packing line. Frasers Property, JustCo and PBA Group are the first Singapore-based companies that have each committed US$50,000 upfront for the initial shipments of masks from the line in support of Razer’s efforts.

“The COVID-19 virus situation has had an immense impact around the world,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. ”Everyone at Razer understands that we all have a part to play in combating the pandemic, no matter which industry we come from.”

Razer initially converted existing product manufacturing lines in China to make and donate masks for immediate relief, with initial shipments of masks going out earlier this week. However, Razer has been inundated by requests due to an extreme shortage of face masks and PPEs – particularly in Southeast Asia.

In addition, many of the face masks in the market are not properly manufactured, do not meet certification standards and offer little or no protection to the users.

Accordingly, Razer plans to set up a domestic mask manufacturing line in Singapore to manufacture and deliver certified face masks – made in Singapore and certified to Singapore and international standards – to supply the Singapore market and the region.


Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted plans to set up the line earlier today on his Facebook Page and did a call-out to Singapore-based organizations to purchase the initial shipments from the line. This was met with swift support from numerous corporations including Frasers Property, JustCo Global and PBA Group that are each committing US$50,000 upfront to help support Razer’s efforts.

“Frasers Property is here to support in whatever way we can during these unprecedented times. Nothing matters more than the health, well-being and safety of the communities we operate in. While we continue to take measures to help our customers and partners navigate through these extraordinary circumstances, this is a moment that calls on us to care for one another in Singapore through our support of Razer’s initiative,” said Panote Sirivadhanabhakdi, Group Chief Executive Officer, Frasers Property Limited.

“JustCo has always been a community-first company,” says Kong Wan Sing, CEO and Founder of JustCo. “JustCo’s strong community of members across Asia Pacific has supported us through good times, and now we need to step up when they need us most. I am proud and happy to stand alongside Razer, Frasers Property, and PBA Robotics to protect the safety and well-being of our community in Singapore and the region.”

“As a Singaporean company, we are proud to join this initiative. This is just one of the ways PBA Group helps our fellow Singaporeans. It’s all part of our broader effort to battle against Covid-19 as we seek to continue to leverage our technology and resources for good. This mask initiative complements our range of mobile robots that combats the virus,” said Derrick Yap, Chief Executive Officer, PBA Group. “We are rallying everyone to Go Make a Difference. We are offering help, and calling companies and individuals to join us in our shared purpose.”