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KAZE: We are proud to announce Amrin Amin as a new member of PBA

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Welcome to PBA, Amrin Amin!

We are delighted to introduce a new member of the PBA Group, Mr Amrin Amin, to be our Strategic Director. He spoke to ST on his personal journey, his experience, and his latest move in Tech. A new adventure awaits!

One of the key focuses of Amrin will be leading the growth of RACE Robotics, our Robotics & Automation Training Platform, and establishing the overall strategic business directions. A familiar face to many Singaporeans and one who is passionate about the community, Amrin will bring a lot of values to the Group and together, will assist to propel the Group to be a more prominent leader in the industry.We are looking forward to an exciting time with you onboard, Amrin!

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