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Autonomous Mobile Robots
Under Pallet Shuttle

The GoldenRetriever (GR) Under Pallet Shuttle Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) systems are ideally suited for high density pallet storage and retrieval in warehouse, fulfilment and distribution center. The pallet shuttle receives the information from the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and works with the GR Roller Conveyor AMRs or forklifts to retrieve or deposit the load units.

The pallet shuttles are able to work in different storage configurations and logic, such as FIFO (First in, First out) or LIFO (Last in, First out), maximising cubic storage capacity and hence, making the most of your facility, Our complete line of AMRs provides optimum solutions for applications where space is at a premium, flexibility and scalability is a must and operational efficiency is imperative. 

  • Collision-free pallet storage and retrieval Total system flexibility due to handling different pallet types
  • High throughput efficiency during complete filling or emptying of a pallet channel
  • Optimum utilisation of building height through low racking compartment height
  • Fully Automated Pallet Shuttle systems can be implemented alongside or replace existing conventional pallet rack systems.

  • Autonomously transports heavy items on pallets in production and storage facility
  • Flexible and efficient collision-free pallet storage and retrieval system
  • Optimise utilisation of vertical space with AMRs shuttling between small spaces and low racking heights
  • Enhance existing processes without compromising human safety
  • Minimise dependence on human labour and forklifts
  • Reduce manual and hazardous forklift travel
  • Increase Storage Capacity and Reduce Forklift Costs
  • Improve Production Floor and Warehouse Accuracy!
  • Improve inventory accuracy: Improve customer service and purchasing functions

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