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Autonomous Mobile Robots
Case Picker

GoldenRetriever (GR) Case Picker Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) systems is an innovative Goods-to-Person system that allows automated material handling by enabling mobile robots to retrieve and transport items placed within bins or totes in production, warehouse, fulfilment and distribution centres. The AMR deliver the totes to the workstation, reducing the traveling path for workers and increase efficiency. 

The solution is scalable, and is able to optimise storage space by stacking and retrieving bins, totes and boxes from racks and shelves in a logistics facility with precision and accuracy. 

  • AMR equipped with a mast lift platform (mast height can be varied)
  • Carry bins up to 20kg at a time
  • Easy deployment: Can be deployed using existing infrastructure and bins
  • Optimise air-space utilisation by stacking bins higher than a human worker could access
  • Increased accuracy and productivity: AMR software enables a high level of accuracy and their work rate is consistent
  • Interacts with ERP/MES/WMS

  • Space-saving – Maximise storage space by Higher Vertical Storage
  • Reliable – Minimise damages during material handling
  • Ease-of-operations – Improved tracking of SKU locations
  • Cost-savings – Boosting manpower cost efficiency and redeploy manual labour for other value-adding operations
  • Customisable – Suitable for the warehousing and materials handling needs of any business


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