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KAZE on Business Times: Offering know-how in fight against COVID-19

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  1. The Business Times

Agility is key during situations like this to innovate especially where lives are at stake. As we speak, the Sunburst UV bots are currently being tested in some hospitals. Our parent company, PBA Group will continue, using our tech and resources to Make A Difference in this battle against COVID-19.

Additionally, in a bid to help companies in Singapore and Singaporeans, Sunburst will be made accessible to companies through a flexible model, as well as subsidies for those especially in need, such as essential services, or cluster-hit areas. PBA is working with the government to help keep the cost down for users.

Kudos to the other companies mentioned as well in the article for Making A Difference in the battle against Covid-19. 1929 Mask, Razer Inc., Esri and Racer Technology.